Nairobisms – David Paul Mavia


Citizenry, Patriotism, Prejudice, Mannerisms and things that make a City more powerful than a Nation An Excerpt from Tensions by Paul Mavia There are many isms in the world. They...

White Space – David Paul Mavia – Brief notes from the loft – a day with Jesse Soliel


Three weeks ago some very creative brains in Nairobi and I, met Jesse Soliel Founder of Multiverse and former ‘Chief Involved’ with Scholastic, an organization that was...

In Africa we read the Sky: Trend Watching from the Guts – D P Mavia


My mother is not a rainmaker but before she travelled last Monday she looked in to the sky and said ` it’s going to rain’ just like that! We made sure she boarded her bus and...