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Funny to know now how we are thought of by the American government. Not that it is strange to be referred to as ‘a swamp that flourishes with corruption’ but I think we too must honestly either leak or create a leak of what we really think of America.

Homo Omniscience

The American government has already apologized for what seemingly leaked and what is yet to leak. I have a document that I have been creating for a while now titled ‘A Theory of Love and Knowledge’. In this document I argue that, if a person has more Knowledge than Love he is bound to be irresponsible with the knowledge he holds and might afflict many people and eventually himself. I continue to argue that man has an inherent insatiable desire to be omniscient without the infinite capacity or character that acts as the bedrock of omniscience.

We like to know because we are Homo sapiens – the thinking being. Thinking is fed by information. Governments are built on the big secret of controlling information from the public because the public cannot be democratic with ‘privileged ‘information. Citizens need just to know enough to be ruled. Therefore the ruler is also the knower and the ruled the ‘no-knower’ (a clap for Plato and Philosopher Kings).

We have a member of parliament who is going to ’wikileak’ a list of persons perceived to be high drug movers in the country. Should that happen what are going to do? We most likely will be ‘shocked’ wait for news to justify our amazement, then wait just long enough for a more juicier piece of news the next day or so because  ‘attention’ is a rare commodity in the information age.


Media Prophet Marshall Mcluhan predicted that the invention of the telegraph created the idea of ‘decontextualised information’, I say, the invention of the internet has created the idea of ‘multiple decontextualized information’. The confusion is numerous, that is why it is ‘leaks’ not ‘leak’. We might not have the capacity to process all that has been leaked concerning the various heads of state. Alvin Toffler predicted that in the information age people will be found in scenarios of ‘situational indecisiveness’ because the volume of information, will be more than what we have been exercised to process in order to make choices. The digitized world is creating not just networks of people but also networks of brains and information. More so it is doing so at the risk of assuming that consumers have the discipline of self censorship. When a people who have been bound for years by governments and giant institutions by control of information finally have the power to control information, there is a chance that they can swing themselves towards the extreme side of the responsibility pendulum. 

Citizen Punditry

As the leaks continue to flow debates rage ranging from Government Secrecy, Diplomacy and Information Ethics, the Ignorance of Citizens and so forth. With the climate of the information age there is bound to be in many a virtual dry sky, constant thunders of leaked information where we are all vulnerable. Prepare to see more fights between governments and individual citizens. As Assange is single handedly taking on the US government using technology, in Kenya we are seeing businessmen heading to court to stop government by use of the new constitution. The individual now seems empowered to take on big institutions using mediums that previously were privy to control technology and constitutions. Caution needs to be thrown though, that even the individuals can be on the receiving end of the two edged sword of mediums of empowerment.


Word has it that the origins of the word ‘government’ (Serikali) as used in Kenya, is from a corrupted version of Sirikali (deep/hot/ secret). There is a notion that the colonial government was the big brother that was privy to everything everybody was doing. The struggle for independence ogled out a scenario of the hunter and the hunted. The Kaburu (colonial master) was the hunter who masqueraded as the omniscient, always using various methods including propaganda to instill fear. So the government was entitled as an institution of deep secrets and whatever anybody did they were to know that God was watching. I guess that the Sirikali sentiment is not only a Kenyan affair but a worldwide phenomenon. All governments are Sirikali with deep potential leaks

I predict that we will begin to see in no so a distant future Kenyanleaks (not to say that we don’t have them daily) on what the government thinks about wanainchi (citizens)or vice versa. With such freedom do not be surprised if you start seeing blogs such as www.buretu.co.ke, www.maviyakuku.co.ke, www.kubafu.co.ke or www.sukumawikileaks.co.ke .

Last modified: April 14, 2020

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