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The Market is a public gallery of exchange of goods and services.This means that participants in the market subscribe to its definition, which includes ‘the notion of theAgora meaningpublic’. The market makes a demand on your skills and gifts, which in turn are expressed as services and products. The market relishes in exhibitionism and combines a revelation and a potpourri of knowledge, information, competition, value and measurement. 

Whyisit Public?

It is impossible to imagine ‘private’ or invisible market participation. The two common expressions – service and products sooner or later give way and lead us to would be faceless traders. But why does the market thrive in the public – Because humans are designed to deliver a solution(s) in the earth to a public audience. We were designed to offer solutions to peculiar challenges and solve them. We are designed for the visible and the concrete.

But Culturally Speaking

The market is a CONTEXT it is a space that is governed by forces or laws. In fact one of the disciplines derived from the market is Economics.Whenthe word Economics is broken down to its minimum components it means

  • (The Law that Governs Space) from EcoOikos – space, dispensation, household and NomosLaw.

What do we derive from this classical definition?

Classical Economics is therefore not by definition a function of monetary interpretation.Proper economics is mastering Laws that GOVERN Contexts (spaces). One is being a good economist when they assign themselves to be responsible for what happens in a defined context.  This means if you are not willing to be responsible for what happens in your ‘economic space’ then somebody else is. And whoever is responsible is the governor.

Therefore since a Market(s) are contexts a proper student of the Market must

  1. Be able to define or map out intelligently any market context. In fact they should in general be able to READ CONTEXTS.
  2. Be able to be students of The Law/Principles – therefore good students of Government.
  3. Be able to discern the Vision or the Primary Ideal of a context (s) – done by identifying the primary market or context Vision bearer. Or unraveling the major underlying controlling philosophy. (which more often than not is embodied in a personality or institution)

Market as Territory

Every context (Marketplace) is a territory. Meaning central to any market place is the concept of Jurisdiction. There is a legal side to every market place. Therefore every market space seeks to convert. Simple market rituals are designed to hook and plug in potential converts so that one becomes a culprit to the market.  We are accepted in Markets either by strategic takeover or by complicit ritualization. A simple recognition or award in some markets ritualizes its receptors and soon possible Game Changers are converted to possibly cowed practitioners. A territorial marketplace technician lays claim to strategy of survival or involvement. 

The Person

A market place technician is exactly that a Person. He is qualified by vision and presence. Presence means he is visible in whatever small way. A shopkeeper could be a marketplace technician. His strategy may be as simple as controlled credit facility to his customers. But all in all the market starts with person.

The Product/Service

Product and Services are the sample matter of the market. They are the commoditized entities of the market. Products and Services are executed gifts and skills. Skills and Gifts or Talents are inherently in humans who have the capacity to Imagine and Ideate. Products and services are Ideas in their most tangible expressions.


Value is at the center of trading. Exchange of services and products is rewarded by how value for trade is assigned. The most desirable value for many in the market is money. It is a form of standardized acceptable reward system. For some especially Creators value is first the satisfaction derived from have created in the first place, secondly a complimentary and finally likely monetary.


But you wouldn’t want my word on this. I am a learner and explorer of culture and my two pence exploration of the market starts’ now limping away in its foetal stages hoping to grow.

Last modified: November 16, 2019

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